Global Jihad and The Tech Revolution

While you often hear of the revolutions technology is creating in business, sports and, well, just about everything else, you don’t often hear of the tech revolution going on in another, perhaps far more important, front: the stage of Global Jihad.

Spearheading this revolution, of course, is none other than the infamous ISIS. Several media outlets have reported their rather clever tactics in using social media and modern digital platforms to not only propagate their victories in Iraq but also to increase the reach of their propaganda and recruitment material, with a special emphasis on increasing the participation of Western Muslims.

And, they’ve certainly done it all, from hijacking the #worldcup2014 tags to announce their advances in Iraq to a whole account full of adorable cats and not-so-adorable ISIS fighters – oh, and did I forget the memes featuring Michelle Obama?

It is certainly something to marvel at – and be extremely worried about – though, how the sheer quality of ISIS propaganda today is leaps and bounds ahead of what their predecessors used. Watching these videos and comparing them to Al-Qaeda propaganda is like playing Doom and, then, discovering the bliss Crysis 3 is. On an ideological note, it is alarming, to say the least, how intricately they have woven their misguided blood lust to the established principles of Islam and how expertly they are using Muslim anger over Western invasions to further their own cause. If I didn’t know what brainwashing was before, I certainly do now.

“Feel the happiness we are feeling,” one of them says. And I thought the worse thing that could happen was drinking the Apple KoolAidhow naive was I?


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